Are you ready to regain the confidence and functionality of a complete smile? Look no further than dentures and partials at Nelson & Page Dental P.C.. Dr. Jim Nelson, Dr. David Page, Dr. Brandon Galovich, and Dr. Leslie Basse are off this solution to help you regain a healthy, complete smile.

Dentures vs. Partials: Understanding the Difference

Dentures and partials both serve as custom dental prosthetics for tooth replacement, improving smile aesthetics and functionality. The key difference lies in their scope of replacement:

  • Dentures: These replace all teeth in an arch (upper or lower) and are ideal for individuals with complete tooth loss in one arch.
  • Partials: Designed for those with some remaining natural teeth, partials replace specific missing teeth within an arch while preserving existing teeth. They maintain dental alignment and enhance aesthetics and function.

What to Expect

Your journey to a revitalized smile with dentures and partials includes:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Our experienced team assesses your oral health to determine the most suitable treatment.
  • Customization: Your dentures or partials are meticulously crafted for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Expert Placement: Precise placement ensures optimal functionality and aesthetics.
  • Personalized Care: We provide guidance on denture care practices to help you maintain your smile’s brilliance.

Benefits of Dentures and Partials

  • Complete Smile: Regain your smile’s wholeness.
  • Improved Function: Chew, speak and enjoy food with ease.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Achieve a natural-looking smile.
  • Oral Health: Prevent shifting of remaining teeth and maintain proper dental alignment.
  • Affordability: Dentures and partials offer a cost-effective tooth replacement solution.

Reclaim Your Smile’s Radiance Today!

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